About Us

UNPC Family Health Clinic provides individualized patient-centered care to the urban population of Issaquah,  University Place in Tacoma and surrounding communities. We strive to lead healthcare for all age groups including pediatric, adolescents, young adults, and the elderly population. Our family practice focuses on health promotion to improve healthier lifestyles, disease prevention with yearly diagnostic screening, and the management of chronic disease through optimizing medication management. We are an innovative practice using advanced technology to optimize patient care based on their individual needs. At UNPC Family Health Clinic we lead culturally competent care to reduce healthcare disparities amongst multicultural backgrounds in our community.

We offer short wait times for our scheduled primary care patients and accepts sick visit appointments both in office and via telehealth. UNPC Family Medicine Clinic offers a broad range of preventative medicine including annual physical examinations, geriatric medicine, well women’s healthcare, pediatric care, and prenatal visits. In addition, our practice offers diagnoses and management of chronic disease process such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung disease, lipid disorders, irritable bowel disease, and mental health conditions such as clinical depression.

Our team of providers are committed to providing patients with the knowledge needed to be proactive in their healthcare decisions, leading to healthier lifestyles as they get older. UNPC Family Health Clinic is accepting new patients in the University Place and Issaquah community area and we accept most medical insurance plans available. Feel free to contact us today to find out more information regarding scheduling your next primary care appointment.


Talking to a primary care provider has never been easier as we offer telehealth appointments from the convenience of your home. The good news is that most medical insurance carriers are paying 100% for telehealth visits with your provider. During this scheduled appointment, you will have access to a provider via phone, laptop, or desktop computer. You will need camera access to complete your telemedicine visit. UNPC Family Health Clinic provides leadership in quality healthcare from where ever you are in the state of Washington. During a telehealth appointment, a provider obtains your history, provides a diagnosis, and prescribes the medications that are needed. You may have additional test ordered such as laboratory and diagnostic testing if you request an online order. These visits are intended for non-emergent conditions. Therefore, If the condition is more serious and needs a higher level of care, such as being seen in the office for advanced physical examination, you may need a follow-up appointment in clinic to ensure that you are getting better as expected. UNPC Family Health Clinic offers Telemedicine appointments via your phone, web, or computer from anywhere in the state of Washington making speaking to your healthcare provider and obtain medications convenient and affordable to your entire family.